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My Fight With Bananas

Why did we genetically engineer the banana? Because we didn't like the banana as it was. With seeds and a starchy flavor. We wanted a sweeter, bigger banana so that we could feel good about eating a "fruit."

What Summer Fruit is Right For You?

Finally, it’s summer. And the taste of fresh fruit is flooding our Farmers’ Markets and is reasonably priced at the grocery store: Nature’s finest reward after a crazy Northeast winter. And while all fruit boasts of some pretty great nutritional content: fiber, vitamins, minerals, etc... Various fruits “specialize” in different parts and functions of our [...]

A Trash-y Lesson

Hello everyone! Being pro-environment is not a new phenomenon. But sometimes we just aren't as proactive as we want to be. The whole environmental paridime goes: "Reduce. Reuse. Recycle." People are quick to use the right colored bin for recycling or reusing grocery bags, but actually changing the way we use products seems a bit too [...]

Must Have Been Something I Ate GIVEAWAY

(Win your copy by commenting) "If you are taking a daily probiotic supplement, it's best to alternate between brands. Since different brands typically carry different strands of active bacteria culture, it's best to switch it up and confuse the bad baceria in your system!" This is only one of the tips offered in Vega Nutritionist [...]

How to Buy a Good Yogurt

The most common food advertised for its healthy probiotic cultures is yogurt - which does in fact have naturally occurring cultures that are good for digestion and regularity. But where yogurt is concerned, you must read the ingredients.

Wild Food Nutrition

Needing to evolve through droughts, floods, predators, etc.. food in our natural habitat are STRONG. This strength gives way for highly nutritious and medicinal properties.

Deciphering Probiotic Products

It seems like probiotics are the "whole grain" of 2011. Product developers are quick to advertise their product as being good for the gut in order to boos sales. But are these products actually good for you?

Spring Cleaning Inside and Out

Spring has been underway for about a month now, but if you’re anything like me, it takes more than a date or a solstice to actually believe it’s spring. Here are 3 Major ways to get clean for spring. With 10 practical tips.

Our Easter Kitchen

This Easter brunch is filled with such delicious and creative recipes. These Easter treats were a fine reward after a morning of egg hunting.

Earth Day 2011

In my opinion, this is a holiday most people like to acknowledge over their morning coffee, feel proud that they remember their reusable bags most of the time, and then go about their way. But here are a few ways we can make a difference.