My good friend, Dr. Gail Davis, has put together an awesome recipe book that makes eating healthily more easy and delicious.Eat Well by Dr. Gail Davis

Gail’s concept is about using food-grade essential oils to enhance the flavor and nutritional value of your food.

Essential oils have nutrition benefits and emotional benefits for stress, anxiety, repressed emotions, etc. When combined with fresh, raw foods, these oils can make meals and flavors more intense and flavorful.

EAT WELL features raw-drink recipes such as Chai Latte, Orange Creamsicle Smoothie, and Easy Sangria. It also introduces dressings and sauces such as Summer Corn Salsa, Pistachio Basil Pesto, and Sesame Ginger Dressing. For the sweet-tooth, raw desserts such as Carrot Raisin Cream Pie, Coconut Lavender Ice Cream, and Ginger Spice Chia Pudding are sure to please the palate. One of her favorite recipes is the Chia Pudding. Although it is a dessert, she eats it for breakfast because it’s a quick and easy recipe, and Chia seeds are a great source of protein.”

Personally, I love essential oils, and use them in food, toothpaste, teas, perfume, cocktails, cleaning supplies, and aromatherapy. I think Gail’s book is a great idea and an awesome nutrition resource!