Today was my first day at the new internship and it went extremely well. Most of what I did was set-up administrative things, but I also proofread a newsletter, sat in on a conference call concerning social media efforts, and read a ton of news articles concerning cancer, including a study that found yoga to be very helpful for sleep aid in cancer patients. It was a great day and I am excited for tomorrow. 
Today was the first day of many in which I’ll be crazy busy running around DC without a lot of time to prepare elaborate meals. But here are the first day eats I chose to fuel with:
  I started with a green smoothie and a homemade spirulina bar.
Around 11am I snacked on a fruit salad and the other half of my smoothie.
Lunch was a cucumber, sprout and hummus sandwich on sprouted bread with an almond-blueberry “milk”shake. I had a few unpictured pita chips for a mid-afternoon hunger snack too.
Dinner was a lovely stuffed acorn squash with a brown rice medley, parsley and black beans with olive oil, salt, and pepper. I ate more than pictured.
And I’ll probably have some tart cashew crumble for dessert.

Tomorrow I’ll be working is all day, and they’ll be taking me to lunch which I’m excited and grateful for. I wonder if I get a salad with no meat they’ll ask me if I’m a vegetarian. I really dislike that question–especially in a “getting to know you” atmosphere. I don’t label myself one way or the other and while my movement towards a more plant based diet has occurred over the last 6-9 months, I’m not too hard on myself and have eaten animal products a few times over the past months.
How do you deal with people questioning your eating habits? Do you have a label/term for yourself? Do people asking/commenting annoy you?
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