Homemade toothpaste is something everyone should look into. As it helps your teeth stay strong, healthy, and go from murky to shiny!

I started making homemade tooth paste about a year ago, after realizing how dangerous conventional toothpastes are.

The toothpaste you find in the grocery stores:

  • A main ingredient in tooth paste is Sodium Fluoride. A main ingredient in rat poisoning too
  • Sodium Fluoride has been linked to cancer, respiratory failure, and cardiac failure
  • Sodium Fluoride is also found in anesthetic, hypnotic, and psychiatric drugs
  • Fluoride is being linked to dental deformity, arthritis, and allergic reactions
  • Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS) is a main ingredient garage floor cleaners, engine degreasers, car wash soaps, and hygiene products like toothpaste and has many negative health effects
  • Triclosan is a chemical pesticide added to toothpaste to prevent bacteria growth. It is highly toxic and could lead to cancer. Long term use could also damage the liver, kidneys, heart and lungs, and suppress the immune system.
  • Hydrated Silica is a whitener in toothpaste that slowly scratches down the enamel of our teeth to show whiter under-layers. This substance comes from crystallized quartz, sand, and flint
  • The dyes in toothpaste (mainly blue Dye #1 and #2) have been linked to behavioral, learning, and health problems. These chemical based, petroleum dies might also cause allergic reactions, asthma attacks, headaches, nausea, fatigue, nervousness, lack of concentration, and cancer
  • Ingredients in tooth paste  (like silica and cellulose) worsen gum disease, tooth decay, sensitivity and receding gums
  • Toothpaste throws off the acid/basic pH of our mouth leaving it more susceptible to bacteria
For all of these reasons, and my desire to have total control over my health and express my creativity everyday, I decided to make my own toothpaste.
Of course, there are some better options out there, like Tom’s of Maine, Burt’s Bees, and others. But I wanted to make a project out of it and really feel like I’m making the best decision ever.
One side note, it’s difficult for people to go from “traditional tooth pastes” to a homemade brand over night. It’s good to use a tube of all natural paste first, and then this homemade version, and then possibly to just using essential oils and probiotics. Because the pH of our mouth is so out of whack, we need to take it slow so that bad bacteria doesn’t overwhelm our mouths.

Ingredients you’ll need for homemade toothpaste:

  • Coconut Oil: A powerful antimicrobial and antibacterial that’s been known to kill powerful germs, bacteria, and viruses. Also helps keep teeth white
  • Neem Oil: An incredibly powerful antibacterial that prevents infections and growth of unfriendly yeast or bacteria
  • Baking Soda: This ancestral teeth cleaner breaks down stains, cleans teeth, and re-balances the pH balance in our mouths
  • Peppermint Oil: An energizing oil that can also prevent fatigue, headache, and dizziness
  • Cinnamon Oil: Another energy-boosting oil that can lower blood pressure and fight stress

 Homemade Toothpaste Recipe:

1 cup organic, raw coconut oil

1/4 cup organic baking soda

10 droppers of organic neem oil extract

1 Tbs peppermint or cinnamon oil

Double boil coconut oil until melted, but not over 115 degrees. Add in oils and baking soda and stir. Add into class container (or whatever you’ll be using) and put in freezer to solidify.

 More Mouth-Care Tools:

  • Use a tongue scraper every day to clean built up gunk on the back of your tongue.
  • Once a week, gargle 2 oz of water with one opened capsule of probiotic. Gargle for 1 minute and then swallow. This helps restore good bacteria in your mouth.
  • Several times a week, gargle 2 oz of water with 1/4 tsp of chlorella. Gargle for 1 minute and then swallow. This is a teeth whitener.

Enjoy your new toothpaste and your fresh, clean, healthy mouth!



Kenzie Harrick is a Certified Health Counselor who helps people get inspired by health! Download your free audio class here.