As women, our confidence and self-perception can be tested every day: TV commercials, store front mannequins, an extra assertive co-worker, even a comment from a random stranger.

If you find yourself walking past a public mirror and willing yourself not to look or not speaking up for yourself and sharing your ideas you may need a boost of confidence.

Being confident isn’t about being vain or superficial, it’s about putting your best foot forward and attracting opportunity and happiness into your life.

Luckily, self-confidence doesn’t come from the outer features people see, it comes from the inner radiance you let out!

Use these confidence building tools to bring your self esteem to new heights:


  1. Establish a Health Plan:

    As most of us know, being out of shape can cause feelings of insecurity, unattractiveness and laziness. When we have the motivation to work out, eat right, and take care of ourselves, we can feel more energized and better about our physical appearance. In addition, a supportive health plan can reduce stress, increase our self-confidence and enhance our mood.

  2. Sit Up Straight:

    Try not to slouch, because it makes you seem like you lack self-esteem, confidence and enthusiasm. Sit up straight, keep your head up when you are walking, and make eye contact with those you talk to. Smile. Smile. Smile. Everybody likes a friendly face. You will make a positive impression and feel more confident and alert.

  3. Walk Faster:

    As silly as this may sounds, walking 25% faster will make you look and feel more important. People who walk fast appear energetic and purposeful as opposed to tired and painful. This gives the impression that your confident and secure in yourself. When you continually make an effort towards self-esteem, eventually it’s 100% natural.

  4. Dress To Impress!

    Though this may sound vain, the way we present ourselves has an effect on how others perceive usand how we perceive ourselves. When we don’t feel like we look good, we don’t carry ourselves well. When we carry ourselves well, we feel more confident. Tell the world you appreciate and respect yourself by showing off your assets and accessorizing with a fun piece (or two). Hone into your own personal style and express yourself.

  5. Change One Habit:

    When we are in a rut, we tend to try to make large-scale changes in our life. Instead, try focusing on making one change. Making small changes and conquering one by one can help your self-confidence. Think about cutting out tap water, going one day a week without sugar, or eating more vegetables 2 days a week. Nutrition and wellness are important factors in building self-esteem. Don’t forget to give yourself enough time to change; it takes about 4 weeks to secure a new habit.salad-kholistic

  6. Compliment Other People, and Accept Compliments From Others:

    Start a cycle of positive energy by complimenting other people. When we think negatively about ourselves, we tend to project that feeling upon the people around us. After all, what’s wrong with accepting that you are great and allowing other people to be great too? This self-acceptance and openness towards others boosts confidence.

  7. Think About What You Are Thankful For:

    Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, focus on what you are thankful for in your life. Realizing what is good about in your life can help boost confidence so you can feel better. Giving thanks is not only for November!

  8. Surround Yourself With Friends and Avoid Toxic Relationships:

    Having good friends in your life can really increase your happiness and self-confidence. According to one study, 85% of women said that a network of female friends was much more important than “looking attractive.” Also, avoid toxic people: they bring down your self-confidence with their negative energy and negative thoughts about themselves. Focus on bringing people into your circle that you respect, admire, and who energize you.

  9. Silence your inner critic:

    Many of us are more critical of ourselves than anyone else. Being too hard on yourself will only keep you down and create bad energy. Give yourself a break and focus on what is going well in your life instead. Whenever you have a negative thought, acknowledge it and let it pass. Don’t mull it over. We can’t control our mind, but we can try to train it.

  10. Stop acting on autopilot, and act with intention:meditation1

    Instead of just going through the motions of your life, take inventory about what really matters to you and go through your life with intention and deliberation. Set your goals, make a game plan, and take one step each day to get there. Your sense of purpose will turn on when autopilot turns off.

These tips are meant to get you out of your own head and looking at the bigger picture of enjoying life and everything you have to offer.

When you stop judging yourself and others and start operating from a state of inner peace, gratitude, and joy, confidence will come naturally to you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from this giant world of ours! Put yourself out there and watch the world move to accommodate you.

Use your confidence and every other gift to build a fantastic life, then share it with others!

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