Do you have a tricky relationship with exercise? You know you should… Sometimes you do… Sometimes it feels good… Sometimes you just need that extra hour of sleep instead! Exercise is extremely important for keeping our insides strong, healthy, working properly, and young.  Try using these tips to conquer your workout fears and get healthy!

1. You don’t like going to the gym:

There are plenty of reasons you may not like going to the gym. There are the annoying people including the machine-hoggers, perfume wearers and cellphone talkers. You may also feel self-conscious working out with other people around all the time. Even if this sounds like you, it does not provide an excuse not to exercise! You could workout at home by setting up a home gym or purchasing a workout video. If you feel like people are always using the machine you want, you could go on off hours or have a backup plan. You could even find a new gym or a different type of gym – like yoga studio or boxing studio! Better yet, bring your workout outside! Regardless, not liking to go to the gym does not mean that you should not or cannot exercise.

2. Too much information makes it too confusing:

There is an enormous amount of information out there regarding diet and exercise. Unfortunately, this can make it easier to give up before you even really get started due to this confusion. How are you supposed to choose the right workouts for the right number of days? To start out, realize that there is no absolute “right” way to do it. Start anywhere with the basic principles of exercise, cardio, strength and flexibility. Try hiring a trainer for a couple sessions to learn how to do more complicated exercises safely; many gyms have frequent sales on personal training sessions or offer a free intro session. Or check out routines in health magazines.  Finally, focus on establishing a habit. Just get out there and move your body!

3.Your workouts are boring:

Even if you already exercise a lot, doing the same workout routine every couple days can certainly get boring. This can make it even more difficult if you are just getting started exercising after a (long) time away. To avoid this exercise hurdle, try switching up what you do during your workouts every couple days. Instead of doing cardio, strength and flexibility every time you exercise, focus on one each day. If that isn’t enough, try exercise classes like yoga or kickboxing. Group classes like these can make your work outs more fun and motivating. When the weather gets warm, exercise outside! (or read our winter exercise tips here). There are plenty of ways to separate your exercise routine from the daily grind.


4. You are not seeing results right away:

Even though intellectually we all understand that losing weight slowly is the healthy way, when we commit ourselves to working out everyday and drastically changing our eating habits, it is hard not to expect results right away. Try ditching the scale, and if you have to focus on some kind of measurement, keep track of your body fat. The most important thing to do is to switch the focus from weight loss to becoming the healthiest you possible! Without the pressure of weight loss, you might find yourself even more motivated because you are concentrated on how you feel instead of how you look.

5. The beginning can hurt!

Jumping into a new workout routine, especially if you haven’t worked out in a while can be very uncomfortable. It can cause soreness and even injury if you aren’t careful. Make sure you start easy. If you ran cross-country in college, it doesn’t mean that you can necessarily go out and run 10 miles at a 6 minute pace right away. You will find yourself more apt to commit to an exercise routine if you don’t overwhelm yourself. Deal with soreness, but not pain. Soreness is natural for beginners, but you should never exercise through joint or muscle pain. Take some time off if the soreness turns into pain or persists every day. Also don’t forget to stretch before and after every workout.

6. You don’t have time:

This is one perhaps the most common excuse for skipping out on exercise. Make your health, including exercise, a priority. After all, if you don’t have your health, other things are likely going to suffer as well. If you are really pressed for time you can try short bouts of exercise, such as a 10 minute sprinting intervals (sprint for 30 seconds, walk for 1 minute, reapeat for 10 minutes). Also, don’t wait for the perfect time to exercise; your schedule most likely will not calm down anytime soon. Fit it into your life now.

7. The weather is bad:

If you really like exercising outside, winter weather can make you not want to get off of your couch. If you really hate going out in the cold, try indoor workouts at home or at the gym. If you want to continue exercising outside, make sure you have the right gear, warm up, hydrate, and cool down appropriately. For more information, check out our winter exercise tips!


8. You can’t stay motivated:

Even if you start out with a ton of enthusiasm, it can be hard to keep it going when life gets in the way. You may feel like every day you have a battle with yourself trying to decide whether or not to exercise. To ease this, make sure you set realistic goals. Don’t wait for your enthusiasm/motivation to come out of nowhere; it is something you have to create yourself. Lastly, think before you skip. Your health is an important priority, and you should think about the consequences before you skip your next workout.

Bonus Tip: Make exercise fun!

Exercise is not a chore, it’s a hobby. Enjoy the benefits you feel from exercise. You feel sexier and confident, you have more energy, you’re dealing with stress. Let these motivate you to continue everyday. Health is a holistic process that effects every part of your live. Use exercise as a great tool!

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