I have an on-again off-again affair with lemon infused water, often with a dash of cayenne pepper, in the morning before breakfast in order to cleanse my intestines and promote good digestion. But this morning as I reached for my lemon–gasp–I had none left! I did however have 2 unused limes that I quickly substituted with. Later in the day I got to thinking, is there a health difference between lemon and limes? Is one better than the other? I decided to do some research.

In a nutshell, both lemons and limes seem to be pretty equally good for you. When sitting down with my friend Google, I really thought I’d find lemons as the winner, but limes seem to have many of the same benefits and slightly higher vitamin mg numbers:

Vitamin A:
2 IU
6.7 IU

Vitamin C:
4 mg
19 mg

Folate(imp during pregnancy):
5.5 mg






But I want to break it down further and see if some bullet points help us pick a winner.

Lemons and Limes:
  • contain unique flavonoid compounds that have antioxidant and anti-cancer properties
  • vitamin C: calcium metabolism, neutralizing any free radicals
  • treatment of scurvy, piles, and peptic ulcers
  • anti inflammatory
  • stimulate the digestive system
  • heal up ulcers and wounds in the digestive system and excretory system
  • relief from constipation
  • aids urinary disorders
  • good for vision 
  • cleanses the mouth
  • opens airways to help breathing
  • rejuvenates the skin, keeps it shining, protects it from infections, reduces body odor, scrubs out dead cells, cures dandruff, rashes, bruises when used externally 
  • good for arthritis, rheumatism, prostrate and colon cancers; helps cure cholera, helps with arteriosclerosis, diabetes, fatigue, heart diseases and  high fever

  • prevents vomiting, throat trouble, acidity and rheumatism
  • destroys intestinal worms
  • despite it’s “acid” title, promotes alkalinity in the body
  • powerful antibacterial 
  • vitamin P: strengthens the blood vessels and prevents internal hemorrhage
  • useful for high blood pressure
  • sedative for the nerves and the heart to calm troublesome palpitations (heartbeats)
  • relief to kidney and bladder disorders
  • aids respiratory disorders
  • gum health
  • higher in Vitamin C, A, calcium, iron, and phosphorus
  • folate: a great pregnancy vitamin

There are a lot of repeats between the 2 that make a pretty good case for both being equally good for you. 

But lemons are more popular and therefore researched and written about more than limes–that might not mean they’re better but there’s definitely more information about lemons out there.
So I might conclude that both are awesome, but lemons might be a little more awesome.

Now I’ll be on a lemon infused recipe mission for the upcoming weeks.

 Off the top of my head, I remember my
  Lemon Coconut Sorbet used a good amount of tart juice:
The Strawberry Hummus had a whole lemon in it:
And Lemon Berry Gems were delicious had a good amount of lemon too:
So with a toast to tartness, I bid you adieu!
Are you a lemon/lime fan?