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“If you are taking a daily probiotic supplement, it’s best to alternate between brands. Since different brands typically carry different strands of active bacteria culture, it’s best to switch it up and confuse the bad baceria in your system!”

This is only one of the tips offered in Vega Nutritionist Peggy K’s new book, Must Have Been Something I Ate, A book that I was lucky enough to receive pre-release to review here on my blog.

The Good:

  • Must Have Been Something I Ate is an astounding resource for figuring out which foods can be used for various ailments. From energy, depression, PMS, muffin tops, skin, sleep, immune support, metabolism, hormones, and sex–M.H.B.S.I.A. gives you the foods and nutrients you should be looking for, and best of all where to get them in a neatly organizes “resources” section.
  • For example, did you know Goji Berries, are great for anti-aging and boosting your immune system. Or that Chlorella is a great food for boosting energy, weightloss, sex drive, immune support, and detoxification (especially for heavy metals).
  • With my nutrition clients, this book will become an amazing resource for choosing foods and supplements to attack those nuance issues we sometimes need the extra boost of superfoods to fix. Safe to say – M.H.B.S.I.A. enlightens most of the solutions to pesty health problems!
  • It’s like a food-fix-it guide for every issue you might have. In an easy to read and well organized outline – this book is a great resource for everyone!
  • After providing all of this amazing health information, Peggy K shares some gorgeous looking and nutritionally dense recipes so you can use your recently read inspiration in the kitchen.

The Bad:

  • Listen up, girlfriend, if you want to boogie the night away in your 6 inch heals and then get yo’ freak on while looking fab in your barely there lengerie, you need to be eating ____. Okay, so this isn’t an exact quote, but M.H.B.S.I.A. uses very cheeky slang. While this helps keep talks of vitamins and minerals more interesting, the cheap-talk can sometimes feel a little forced and make the audience (you) feel a little stereotyped.
  • The book doesn’t address an important issue with food and supplements that I think needs to be addressed: quality. Popping a supermarket brand B-Complex will not solve all your problems – unwanted additives and low quality concentrations of vitamins can make these “natural remedies” seem like they just don’t work. This is SO not true, but quality is important and that should have been addressed.

BUT overall, a fantastic-must-have read that is enlightening, inspiring, and powerful.

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I must thank Peggy K’s team at Vega and Sequel Naturals for also sending some awesome vega samples  for me to jumpstart my morning with energizing, delicious, and filling smoothies. Vega products are of the highest quality – with servings of fruits and veggies, probiotics, gluten-free, vegan protein, and a ton of other nutrients. The wide variety of flavors made for a week of truley-delicious smoothies – which I boost even further with some fresh fruit and added greens.

Thank you, Sequel, for the chance to review the book and make some fabulous morning meals!

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