In this NEW VIDEO I elaborate on this month’s theme with 5 ways to avoid nagging yourself about what you eat. There’s no need to be hard on yourself when you use these approaches! Watch to learn more:

1. Gain knowledge about good health.

Read books, hire a health coach, do internet research up the wazoo. When you know what it means to be healthy, why it’s important, and you have good tools – you’re going to use them. There’s no way you can truly understand our food system and the role food plays in our lives and not put forth the effort to make good decisions.


2. Always do your best and appreciate your efforts to eat well, exercise, and live in balance.

Even if it’s not perfect. Make peace with imperfection and make decisions rationally. When you choose extremes you can often yo-yo between that extreme and the other. By changing your mindset about a “slip up,” you’re less likely to make those mistakes again. Or at least, appreciate the mistake.

3. Make all your decisions in the name of fun and happiness.

When your doing things from a happy place and enjoying yourself – you’re not going to be overly critical. ANd when you’re coming from a happy place – youre going to make better decisions. It’s a wonderful, delicious cycle. When you have the knowledge and understanding of good health, and you eat your chocolate cake, your body will wake up and crave the balance of a green juice and a good bike ride. Because your mind will be so blissed out and happy – it won’t be over analyzing every decision. You can allow yourself to naturally make the right decision for you and your wellbeing. Happiness is more important that health.

4. Develop hobbies and interests outside of health and nutrition.

It’s easy to become obsessed with what we eat, how much we exercise, and how we look in a bathing suite. But in the larger picture, the reason why we treat our bodies well and make good health decisions is not so we look good, it’s so we feel good. And we can’t feel good when we’re obsessing and beating ourselves up. And it’s hard for anyone to put 90% of their attention on one thing – in this case eating well -it’s bound to take a heightened sense of importance that when you mess up can ruin your day. But when youre living life with multiple interests and passions, they all fuel and balance eachother so you can do all well.

5. Love yourself no matter what – You are not your decisions.

You are the positivity you bring to the world. When battling yourself… Who loses. You do!  And good food and good living is about living your best life. And you’re not doing that if you’re coming from a negative, self-discipline place. SO get it through your head and life and food is supposed to be fuel not just for your body but for your mind – embrace that shift in perception, and never feel bad about a decision you make ever again.