Bringing in healthy food-fuel into your diet is the first step to a healthy diet. But one of the things that a lot of people trip up on is eating the right amount of food as well.

For many people, just changing the type of food we eat is enough to trim your waistline. Good for them! For many others, we need to monitor the amount of food we eat as well in order to reach our diet plan goals!

But sometimes when we try to “control” our eating, we subconsciously run in the other direction. As soon as we “swear” we are something, our minds and bodies throw in a challenging wrench to challenge that new pledge.

But there are ways you can commit to a good plan and feel confident and satisfied.

 So here are 10 tools to help you control overeating:

1. Prepare your food at home:

There are many benefits to making your food at home. Eating healthier food will help you control your portions in an interesting way. When your body is fueled with the best food, made of high quality foods with nutrition, enzymes, and fuel, your body will crave less food. Your body eats more because it wants more nutrition, if you’re eating nutritious food, you’re body will want less of it.

 2. Load up on vegetables:

Vegetables are the most nutritious foods! Loaded with vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, fiber and more! And they’re low in calories, so you can eat plenty, making you full, without hurting your diet! Make sure to add some olive oil or butter, many vitamins and minerals get absorbed in fat!

3. Enjoy the sensual experience:

Many people overeat because they aren’t enjoying the food and aren’t living the experience. If you’re eating an apple, enjoy the texture of the apple’s skin, the crunch of each bite, the sweetness of the flesh. Enjoy the whole apple and that apple will be more satisfying. But if you’re eating the apple while driving, your body might not even realize it ate – and want to eat again.

 4. Chomp!

Chewing is so important! It’s the first step of digestion and helps you break down food. It also slows down the eating experience and allows your body to process the food you’re eating. Meaning your body can register you’re eating sooner, feel fuller, and save you from overeating.

 5. Stop as soon as you feel full:

Usually we eat until we’re stuffed! But you need to retrain yourself to stop eating as soon as you start to feel full. This can be difficult since you probably enjoy the sensation of fullness. But tell yourself, “This is the new full.” Learn to like that feeling.

6. Drink water in between meals, not during:

Sometimes we eat when we’re actually thirsty.  So it’s important to remain hydrated. But don’t drink with meals, because the water dilutes your food and makes it difficult for your body to absorb the nutrients in the food.


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