Hell-day 1 of 3 is over this week. Woohoo! But tomorrow and Friday will test my academic integrity again.  Until then, let’s talk superfoods.

It’s time for Superfood numero tres: Goji Berries. The ones sold in stores are dried goji berries, but that’s totally fine for nutrients. I’ve yet to see the juicy berry sold. I’ve thought of growing them. But a goji tree takes 3 years to get fruit. We’ll see… Some people are put off by their taste, which is sweet but tart. Don’t ask me why people don’t like them–I love ’em!

Gojis are gaining rapid attention, as I recently saw them on the menu at 40 Carrots in Bloomingdale’s NYC. So you’ve probably heard of them before. But because of their new popularity, it’s easy for them to be marketed at insane prices as the health-food industry tries and sucks you into the goji craze. I recently saw a goji juice drink for $50! But you really don’t have to pay that much.

Goji berries can be way more affordable and easy: I get mine from Nativa Naturals: CHEAPEST gojis I’ve found.  You can also buy them in bulk online, the more the better, and it keeps prices lower. They’re also easy to eat like raisins. Added to salads, smoothies, trailmixes, etc. So simple–and to mimic that ease, a straightforward writing style for its nutritional benefits:
  • The goji has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine
  • Ranked the number 1 food in Chinese medicine
  • It contains eighteen amino acids, including all of the essentials
  • Vitamins B1, B2, B6, E.
  • 13% Protein (for a berry!?)
  • More iron than spinach
  • 500% higher Vitamin C content than oranges
  • More antioxidants than blueberries
  • Goji is only food known to produce more natural growth hormone–making it the leading anti-aging food
  • Polysacharides balance body’s chemistry
  • Good for the liver
  • helps eyesight
  • Improves sexual function and fertility
  • Strengthens the lungs
  • Boosts immune function
  • Improves circulation
  • Promotes longevity

This is my favorite way to get my dose of gojis, mixed into a fruit salad/trail mix.:

The first is just kiwi, cashews, and gojis.
The second is pumpkinseeds, cashews, almonds, dried cherries, gojis, and even some cacao nibs.

But I love adding them to recipes too!
Or The Most Delicious Smoothie Ever (not pictured). 

So Berry-Up!

Questions for Today:
Do you ever make your own trailmix? The store bought ones can be so pricey! But do you even think about doing your combining from the bulk bins?
For you are Wednesdays a sign of the week almost over or the weekend still too far away? My vote’s still out. But, are you Wednesdays half empty or half full??