There are so many advertisements out there about multi-vitamins, miracle supplements, fish oils, mineral extracts, and other supplements advertisers think YOU should be taking. And they’ll say almost anything to make you buy their product.

Knowing what supplements to take can be tricky. But even with a really healthy, nutrient rich diet, having a few really great supplements is a must for optimum health!

In this FREE telephone class, I’ll break down my favorite supplements and how to use them!

We’ll dive into:

  • What supplements almost everyone SHOULD be taking
  • Breaking down the nutrition of your pantry must haves and why they’re so great for you
  • What supplements are good for specific ailments and health concerns
  • How to tell if you have a good supplement in you pantry
  • When to take your supplements
  • How to optimize absorption and effectiveness
  • Ingredients to choose and ingredients to avoid
  • How to get the best prices

This is going to be a POWERFUL class! One I usually only share with clients and New Breakup Diet participants. So you don’t want to miss this call! It could totally change your health and bring it to the next level!!

“Super Supplements”

Wednesday February 1, 2012

8:00pm (EST)

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Feedback from previous workshops:

” I loved and benefited from every single minute of it!! I honestly can’t think of a better way to have spend my evening than participating in your class.”

“I just got off the phone and so enjoyed your workshop. You have this optimistic, free flowing energy that I want to be around more. I am hoping to pick that up!”

” I loved the call!! Definitely keep me on your email list, and I hope to attend more events like this in the future!!”