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Why is Watermelon Good for You?


4th of July Weekend is fast approaching and if your holiday is anything like mine, they’ll be a TON of watermelon on your picnic blanket.

Watermelon is usually thought to be watery, sugary, and lack real nutritional value. I’m here to tell you that’s NOT true. 

Watermelon is very cleansing, alkalinizing, diuretic and mineralizing. It’s a very clean food–excellent for flushing out the kidney and bladder, taking out waste materials. And becuase the juice is easily digestible your body easily absorbs for all its minerals and nutrients.

Watermelon is loaded with antioxidants–namely Vitamin C and A–which fight off free radicals, prevents cell damage, and inhibits cancer or abnormal cell growth.

Watermelon is also incredibly high in the two phytochemicals beta-carotene and lycopene (even more than tomatoes!). This combination prevents heart disease, prevents asthma, helps arthritis, prevents arteriosclerosis, and lowers the risk of many forms of cancer (including prostate, lung, colon, and bladder).

The rind of the watermelon is even better with tons of minerals and chlorophyll. So try to encorporate the rind into your recipes/juices if you can.

So besides just chopping up this juicy fruit and serving it as is (which is a fantastic idea), maybe you want to get fancy and try this lovely watermelon salad?
Watermelon Salad: 4 side salads/2 large
2 cups spinach
2 cup arugula
2-3 cups fresh watermelon, chopped into small squares
1/4 cup roasted (or raw) pinenuts or pistachios (or mix)
2 Tbs walnut oil (or sunflower, safflower)
2 Tbs lime juice
dash salt
dash cayenne (optional)
Garnish lime zest (optional)
Mix oil, lime, salt and cayenne and mix evenly with greens. Top with watermelon and nuts. Garnish with lime zest and serve. Yumm.

(picture to come)
I also didn’t post this with enough time for a reaction, but I’d love if you checked out my healthy vegan spinach artichoke dip (no tofu, no sour cream, all good stuff) and give me your feedback! It’s a great 4th of July appetizer too.
And while I haven’t decided exactly what I’m bringing to the BBQ I plan on attending, I’m thinking some spicy hummus:
What are you making/bringing/hoping to see at your holiday BBQ? I’m going to a friends house  and like everyone echoed after my birthday dinner post, I like to bring dishes so that I know there are foods there I feel good about eating. 
Are you hosting, attending, or hanging low?
Is watermelon a summer staple for you too? Have you ever spiked it? I haven’t but I want to ;)

Happy 4th!! A great day to count our blessings for the freedoms of our country–says the DC resident ;)

  1. fitandfortysomthing

    oh good news….i love watermelon and thought it was good for you but people have told me it is just water…..good to know it promotes alkalinity!

  2. John

    Stealing from the bulk bins..shame on you! :-) I only do it if I want to try something I haven't tried before. Saves me buying something I don't end up liking.

    Good to have a list of magnesium foods to have….love beans, sunflower seeds and walnuts.

    And lastly didn't know watermelon was that good for you. I just had some after my triathlon last Sunday….thought I was being bad but was being good afterall! :-)

  3. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)
    Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)07-01-2010

    havent tried the dip…yet

    once last summer i read in sarma's book that juicing the watermelon rind is good for all the reasons you laid out. Well, I did it. And my hubs and i drank it. Honestly, I got sooooo sick. For days. And so did he. I would not recoomend consuming watermelon rind in any real quantity. Seriously girl, I am not unable to even look at watermelon much less eat it. Sigh. I was so sick.

    Sorry to be a debbie downer. I just wanted to save you major GI stuff possibly…


  4. Nicole (making good choices)
    Nicole (making good choices)07-02-2010

    I love bringing hummus or guacamole to a barbeque, and I actually have an entire watermelon to cut up for this weekend, so this post was so relevant! thanks for the facts!

  5. Anne Marie@New Weigh of Life
    Anne Marie@New Weigh of Life07-02-2010

    Happy 4th of July to you too! Believe it or not, I used to hate watermelon. I love it now-it's so refreshing!

  6. Fit Chick
    Fit Chick07-02-2010

    Okay so I know this isn't the popular thing to say, but I don't like watermelon. I feel like I miss out by not liking it, but I just can't stand it for some reason.

  7. DiningAndDishing

    Seriously, is there any better place than DC for Fourth of July!? :)

  8. Mary @ Bites and Bliss
    Mary @ Bites and Bliss07-02-2010

    Poor watermelon getting its bad rep from its name. :( It's definitely a summer staple here! I've actually never been a huge fan because it never keeps me full, but there's nothing that can replace the feeling you get sitting in the shade gnawing through half a melon.

  9. Faith @ lovelyascharged
    Faith @ lovelyascharged07-03-2010

    As of right now I'll be bringing that dip to any summer barbecues! Looks absolutely amazing, and SOO much better than the crappy coagulated crud they serve up at TGI Friday's! Happy 4th to you as well – so jealous of your DC residence ;)

  10. Madeline

    I could eat a whole watermelon in one sitting!

  11. samanthaangelabikinibirthday

    I really don't like watermelon. Something about the texture, I don't know. I wish I did like it though!

  12. Emily (A Nutritionist Eats)
    Emily (A Nutritionist Eats)07-05-2010

    Just had my first watermelon of the summer today! It is as good as I remember :)

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